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Jersey Pottery & Richard Bramble | The History and Products

This section includes Richard Bramble pieces with some old designs previously licensed to Jersey Pottery.

Richard Bramble's partnership with Jersey Pottery was a significant chapter in his career as an artist and designer. He chose Jersey Pottery, a renowned Channel Island pottery established in 1946, for its expertise in manufacturing and decorating earthenware plates, bowls, and mugs. This 18 year collaboration allowed him to bring his unique fish and shellfish designs, inspired by his experiences off the coasts of Dorset and the Scottish Outer Hebrides, to a broader audience.

Jersey Pottery's ability to produce high-quality ceramics was well-aligned with Bramble's vision. The initial range, 'Fruit de Mer,' resonated with the island's connection to the sea, offering a perfect backdrop for Bramble's marine-themed artwork. Transitioning to a porcelain range, they selected fine Limoges porcelain for its durability and suitability for both home and restaurant use, later moving to Bohemia European porcelain to maintain quality while ensuring affordability.

Jersey Pottery shifted its manufacturing approach in 2016, the changes no longer aligned with Richard’s methods and vision, leading to the end of their collaboration, and Jersey Pottery closing in 2020. However Richard Bramble continued to oversee the manufacturing of his designs to the highest standard and allowing his fans and collectors to add consistently high-quality pieces to their collections.

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